Getting Around El Paso

Sun Metro
The Sun Metro bus system operates throughout the entire city of El Paso. It doesn't operate 24 hours a day, but it has lengthy hours of operation that should help travelers get to where they need to go. Sun Metro is clean, air conditioned and reliable for pick-up and drop-off around the city of El Paso.

Amigo Shuttle
This shuttle system has been used in El Paso for years. They provide transportation to Ciudad Juarez and around the city of El Paso. This shuttle also provides tours of the cities. It is a locally owned service with a reliable safety and reputation track record. Visiting Juarez alone is not safe, so if you plan to visit while in El Paso, take a shuttle service like Amigo Shuttle.

Rental Cars
There are a handful of rental car services in El Paso, and it may be one of the best methods for getting around the city. Rental cars here are affordable, and available easily at the airport. El Paso is a sprawling city, with many points of interest far apart. A car rental can help you get to these locations easier and faster.

Taxi Cab Services
There are numerous taxi services that you can call. They will pick you up anywhere in the city, and many drivers are knowledgeable about locations in the area. Navigating El Paso on your own can be intimidating, so a taxi cab service is recommended.

Train Services
If you are leaving the city, then a train service is available to take you to various cities around Texas and New Mexico. Some go as far as California. Train services are reliable and safe, and may be more comfortable than a cramped bus.

Limousine Bus Service
This bus travels to major cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Juarez. It is based in El Paso and serves the El Paso metropolitan area. Prices are affordable, and travelers can get more bang for their buck using this service.

Wyler Arial Tramway
This tramway is more of an attraction than a transportation service, but it will take you from the base of the Franklin Mountains to the peak. From this point you can view the sprawling mountain-desert area surrounding El Paso. This will be one of the funnest rides of your life, and it has an excellent safety record.