Dining in El Paso

Chico's Tacos
This locally owned franchise is one of the most famous restaurants in the southwestern United States. It is so famous that comedians like Gabriel Iglesias regularly brag about eating here. With fried and smothered taquitos and massive burritos, Chico's Tacos offers some of the cheapest and best food you can find in El Paso. Be part of the tradition by eating here at least once when visiting. There are four locations around the city to meet your needs.

Crave Kitchen & Bar
Crave is a locals favorite, and their menu is full of delectable delights, burgers and drinks. Their menu includes things like green chile pineapple burgers, sweet potato waffle fries, flautas and the best-grilled portobella burger you will ever have.

Pot Au Feu
This international-fusion restaurant has a French style of cooking, but blends various flavors from around the world. This little restaurant is nestled away in downtown El Paso, and will definitely blow your mind. A little more upscale, expect to pay more than average when dining here. Menu items include fried calamari, humus and naan, pot au feu, yellow-coconut curry and more.

The Magic Pan
This restaurant prides itself on magical food items. Of course, they aren't really magic, but they do make you wonder how the food tastes so great. With a quirky interior design, The Magic Pan caters to all taste buds. The menu includes mouth-watering salad combinations, quiches, soups and much more.

El Taco Tote Real Mexican Grill
This local Mexican franchise has fast food at a great price. They offer various Mexican dishes including tacos, enchiladas and the best salsa you will ever have. If you want something fast, then stop here and get ready to dig in. You won't leave disappointed.

Bowie's Bakery
A favorite amongst locals, Bowie's Bakery offers up delicious traditional-Mexican pastries and baked goods. Stop in and get a big bag full of conchas, payaso, piedras and galletas de coco. This shop is affordable and full of delicious goods. You will be addicted to what they have to offer. Be sure to take some home with you so you aren't without your favorites.

Mesa Street Bar & Grill
For a bar atmosphere, Mesa Street is on the upscale end of things. Come here for traditional American and bar food, beer and a good time. There is a wide variety of food available, so whatever you want they are likely to have on the menu.